Current developments in Tampa Bay:

From summer markets to new businesses, the upscale neighborhood of Tampa Bay is seeing no shortage of new additions and developments. The following are a few of the many current developments in Tampa Bay:

Water Street Development is transforming downtown Tampa

The newest waterfront neighborhood in the Tampa Bay area is getting busier. The Water Street development in Tampa Bay illustrates the city's investment in its waterfront and downtown core, with a host of towering apartment complexes, office buildings, hotels, and restaurants entering the scene. This mixed-use project is transforming the Tampa waterfront into a bustling community center with a cohesive downtown identity.
The Water Street Tampa development connects Tampa Bay's central business district to the waterfront and links residential neighborhoods to cities' retail and business districts. Once completed, there will be over 2 million square feet of office space, new residences, and millions of square feet of new retail, cultural, educational, and entertainment space. This is part of the city's plan to attract companies and young people while uniting neighborhoods.

Proposals for redeveloping Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg

There have been proposals to redevelop Tropicana Field and its 86 acres, carving out a new baseball stadium and workforce housing. These developments add to the number of housing opportunities for residents as the city looks to build something that benefits the community and creates jobs. The plan includes the following:
  • Flexibility for office space demand
  • Opportunities for local businesses
  • A possible convention space connected to a major hotel

Tampa, the new Midtown Development

The Midtown development in Tampa aims to increase the availability of space for residential, retail, and hospitality functions. It is expanding to a seven-story building with plenty of hotel rooms and several amenities like pools, lounges, and a rooftop terrace.
The convention center in Tampa is also undergoing renovation to add more office space. The renovation will upgrade facilities and offer more amenities in the convention center, including new waterfront meeting spaces with a terrace and an outdoor space.

Westshore/Marina Pointe

The Westshore/Marina Pointe luxury condos and private marina project is nearing completion in 2022. These units are already sold, with residents looking to occupy the gorgeous properties that provide residents with picture-perfect waterfront vistas. There are plans to complete the Westshore development by 2025. Amenities include a private marina with a water basin, featuring floating docks where residents can keep their private yachts.

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Gas Worx: A look at the development connecting Ybor and Channelside in Tampa


The area was "reimagined as a more vibrant, transit-oriented, and mixed-use community," developers said.

The area was "reimagined as a more vibrant, transit-oriented, and mixed-use community," developers said.

  • 3.6 miles of new and reconstructed sidewalks
  • 1.2 miles of new multi-use trails
  • A new TECO Streetcar stop along Channelside Drive
  • 1.8 miles of entirely new streets to restore the historic street grid
  • Two new CSX rail crossings and associated safety improvements

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